Hawk Falls


Hawk Falls is a picturesque 25 footer tall waterfall located within Hickory Run State Park. Due to the park's location and popularity, the falls is very popular and often overcrowded. The falls are located at the end of a 0.6 mile trail which wonders through rhododendron, across a footbridge, and over some very rocky terrain.



Very Nice, But

I like this waterfall, but apparently half the state does too. I counted 200 CARS on one trip. A really nice walk and really nice falls, but eh. I know of much better ones *hint hint*

Very Enjoyable

Enjoyable hike with mountain laurel on each side of the path.

How To Get There


The parking area can be majorly overflowing with hundreds of cars (yes, seriously). Be careful, it is a busy road. The trail is easy to find going into the woods. The trail passes through some rhododendron and then crosses the creek on a footbridge. It gets very rocky from then onward. A trail branches off to the right and goes to the top of the falls. But to see the falls from the bottom, continue on the main trail. It goes out around a loop, and after ducking under some rhododendron and walking about .6 miles, you eventually come to the bottom front of the falls.


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