Choke Creek Falls


Choke Creek Falls is a wonderful sanctuary of beautiful waterfalls hidden within the Pinchot State Forest surrounded by trees and boulders. The waterfalls consist of two types of falls, a big wide cascade and a lower lever with a drop. The waterfalls are surrounded by boulders in a small gorge. You can access the falls by driving several miles into the forest on a gravel road and then walking through the forest. The walk to the falls is very nice and peaceful, through pine and deciduous trees. The falls are a great place to sit and relax or go for a swim.



Hidden Gem. Amazing!

I love this kind of falls with big rock boulders all round, and especially how it has two types of falls, a big wide cascade and then a lower lever with a drop. Perfect serene setting back in the state forest! The trail into this falls was through tall pines, making it so quiet!

One of my favorites in PA!!

One of my favorites in PA!! We were out in the middle of nowhere -- it was quiet and peaceful. The setting was beautiful. Also a perk when you can climb around on the rocks and walk wherever you want! 🙂

How To Get There


Since this is back in the state forest, you need to travel along a gravel road for a few miles. Take Tannery Road for 1.2 miles and turn left onto Phelps Road. After .7 miles, Phelps road turns into a loop, so going straight or right will bring you back here. Turn right at this intersection and continue about 1.4 miles. Look for the trail that crosses the road called Pinchot Trail. There is no official parking area, but there are several small pull offs. The best one is on your left, maybe 1/8 mile before you cross the trail. Once you park, take Pinchot Trail to the right. However, this trail does not go to the waterfall. You will basically just find your way now through the forest. The goal is to follow Butler Run downstream, and there is an unnamed trail and paint markings on the trees. You will eventually hear the sound of Choke Creek, and then once you do, continue upstream following your ears!


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