Boulder Field


Boulder Field is a huge flat clearing in the forest filled with large rocks that ring like metal when you hit them. The bolder field is located within Hickory Run State Park. The cleared area without any trees is about 400 feet wide by 1,800 feet long. Some boulders are small stones, others are huge. This rocky landscape is actually designated as a National Natural Landmark, and is a State Park Natural Area. There are some pretty crazy theories about how these rocks got here. If you are in the area, it is an unusual but potentially boring sight to behold.



Makes You Think

It's a field of weird rocks. A great place to muse about conspiracy theories on how these got here.


Crazy seeing all these rocks line the field!

How To Get There


The field is located beyond an interstate, so there is only one narrow 5 mile loop road perfectly named Boulder Field Access Road to get there. You can park within eyesight of the edge of the boulder field, although now they added a larger parking area a littler farther away, which is easily seen when you arrive. Once you park, just take a very short walk over to the edge and have fun climbing around.


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