Urey Overlook


The Urey Overlook is one of the four sections of the Susquehannock State Park. Located on the York County side, the overlook provides spectacular views of the river, Weise Island, and the Safe Harbor Dam. It is a short relaxing walk on a wide trail through the woods on the Mason-Dixon Trail to a very wide view of the river both north and south. The path is easy to walk, with a distance of an estimated .3 miles one way.



Very Nice

This was a fun place to visit. The walk on the trail to get to the overlook was fun and relaxing, and the views were great!

Peaceful Walk

Peaceful, wooded hike to a beautiful overlook.

How To Get There


The parking lot is right off the road. There are enough spaces for about 8 vehicles here. Walk back the trail (not the farm lane) and continue into the woods.


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