Shohola Falls


Shohola Falls is perhaps the largest, most impressive, fully immersive, and unforgettable cascading waterfalls we have ever seen. It is located in the town of Shohola, Pennsylvania, in Pike County on scenic Route 6. Shohola Lake empties out into Shohola Creek over Shohola Dam and immediately drops forming Shohola Falls. This huge cascade waterfall is 50 feet tall and 75 feet wide! It is incredible to see, and an absolute must-see if you are in the Poconos or Delaware Water Gap area.



Delightful! Immersive!

Why is this not advertised? Why so secretive? This place is awesome! The best waterfall in the area, and that is saying a lot! It is so immersive, especially when you are able to walk out into the middle of it. The scale of this waterfall is so big, a must-visit if you are in the Pococos!

A Fun One!

I liked that you were able to walk around wherever -- no fences blocking your adventuring. 😉 This was a fun one.

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