Meadow Run Natural Waterslides


The Meadow Run Natural Waterslides is a narrow channel of flowing water carved into the rock by Meadow Run which forms a natural waterslide. The waterslides are located near where Mead Run flows into the Youghiogheny River in the town of Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania, in the heart of Ohiopyle State Park. This delightful stream offers one of the best hiking trails, but also creates a unique natural waterslide attraction. This can be quite dangerous when the water is high, but many find it to be a great way to experience the water on a hot summer day when the water is lower. A parking lot is located next to the steps that lead to this water attraction. The Mean Run Trail passes by on its way to Cucumber Falls.



Unique, Worth Seeing

I love seeing any kind of water/rock formation, so I do like it. But I would not want to try sliding through it when the water is raging.


Really pretty seeing the water rushing through the rocks. Would be fun to have a picnic on the rocks or just sit and enjoy the view.

How To Get There


Park in the parking lot at the bottom of Ohiopyle Road and route 381. Look for the sign for the Natural Waterslides and walk down the wooden stairway. You will see Mead Run carving its way through the surrounding boulders.


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