Hawk Point Overlook


Hawk Point Overlook is one of several overlooks in Susquehannock State Park. This overlook is located directly in the main park area. Hawk Point gives you a southern facing view of the Susquehanna River and the Conowingo Reservoir. On the far left downriver, you can see Mount Johnson Island, the world’s first bald eagle sanctuary. You can use the optical viewer or binoculars to spot eagles, osprey, turkey vultures, and black vultures that regularly soar around this area.



Nice Overlook

This is a very easy to access overlook. Nice quiet area to relax.

River Overlook

Overlooks over looking the river are my favorite!

How To Get There


Park in the Susquehannock State Park picnic area. From there, look for the trail leading towards the river. It is just a short walk from where you park to the overlook.


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