Cucumber Falls


Cucumber Falls is a 30-foot single drop along Cucumber Run just before it empties into the raging Youghiogheny River. This roadside attraction is very popular with tourists and nature lovers and a key feature of Ohiopyle State Park. The huge protruding rock ledge makes for an interesting setting, creating a natural walkway where you can actually walk behind the falls. It is located very close to a designated parking area along Ohiopyle Road. You can view the waterfall by walking a short distance down a trail and down a staircase, which is actually the start/end of Meadow Run Trail.



Picture Perfect

This waterfall is always elegant and beautiful because of its single 30 foot drop. One of the things I like most about this waterfall is ability to walk behind it.
What Nelson said. 😉

How To Get There


This is one of the easiest waterfalls to access. Simply park in the official Cucumber Falls parking lot, or if it is full people often park along the road. Just listen for the sound of the falls and you are already basically there!


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